How To Build A Resume & Portfolio Website Using WordPress

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Cabe Nolan is the founder of WP Cover where he shares his insight into WordPress, development, & entrepreneurship. Outside of WPCover, Cabe continues to run a successful WordPress development firm, Bold City Design as well as a few high profile websites, Arrivala, Two Way Resume, Dock Skipper, and a successful outdoors brand, DolfinPack.

How To Build A Resume & Portfolio Website Using WordPress

Spring is in the air and summer is right around the corner. Down here in Florida, that means hot and humid but around the country thousands of college students are celebrating graduation. It’s an exciting time and for many it will be the start of a (hopefully) great career. Many accomplished entrepreneurs, hiring manager and career specialists have recently discussed the importance of the personal website in the job hunt. It establishes your online brand and puts you in the drivers seat as to what information employers are able to find.

It’s estimated that 90% of all first impressions are now made online versus 10% in person. Furthermore, a recent study showed that over 60% of hiring managers admitted to eliminating a potential candidate based on what they found or didn’t find online prior to even conducting an interview. So if you didn’t have enough hoops to jump through already to land that dream job, here’s another: establish your online presence and personal brand. But how?

Well, considering WordPress powers over 26% of the internet these days, why not use WordPress to build your personal website? There’s lots of ways to do this whether it be through, buying a custom theme through Themeforest, or (my preferred choice) using a WordPress based service specifically designed for building your online resume website such as Two Way Resume.

Two Way Resume is a WordPress multisite platform that was designed to help students, young professionals, and industry leaders create a stunning personal website to solidify their online brand and establish their web presence. The main site (a WordPress site) handles the sign-up process in which a sub-WordPress site is generated for the specific user. This sub-site is complete with custom themes and simple copy and paste fields to get your personal website up and running in a matter of minutes.

The cost? For only $39.99 you get a full years worth of hosting, access to 9+ custom themes specifically designed to build a resume & portfolio website, plus a custom web address ( Not to mention all the ease and functionality that goes along with a platform specifically created for what you’re trying to do. You would easily pay over $40 just for the web hosting alone if you went with or a Themeforest custom theme. Then you would have to spend the next month of your life trying to figure out how to create a site. Let’s face it, nobody has time for that.

Two Way Resume is an unbelievable solution for a product every one of us should have. A personal website is necessary in today’s world, it’s going to be required in tomorrow’s world. Get a jump on the game and claim your personal space on the internet with a custom website. You’ll be happy you did!

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