WordPress – Create Newsletter Subscription Popups, Grow Subscribers

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WordPress – Create Newsletter Subscription Popups, Grow Subscribers

Growing your newsletter mailing list should be a top priority in any venture. They are highly targeted visitors who have already expressed interest in your product and they simply want to know more and be kept in the loop. But how do you do it? Today we’re going to look at four great tools for growing your WordPress newsletter subscribers.


1. Bloom By Elegant Themes

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The bloom look and feel of the popups are simply second to none. From my experience, they produce the highest levels of interaction and as a result, signups. Highly customizable, quick integration with all the major newsletter service providers, and great popup timing settings all make Bloom a top choice. Downside on Bloom is you must buy the full Elegant Themes subscription in order to get the plugin, the cost is $69.99. Very worth it in my opinion.


2. SumoMe

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SumoMe is probably one of the most widely used tool to grow mailing lists. For starters, the basic version is 100% free. It does contain a small link to SumoMe as well as customization is minimal. SumoMe is a javascript toolkit which also means it can work with pretty much any kind of website, doesn’t necessary have to be WordPress based. It’s very easy to setup and takes minimal technical knowledge. The nice thing about SumoMe is there’s a lot of other marketing & promotional tools built within the same platform such as heat maps, content sharing tools, and much more.


3. Mailmunch

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Mailmunch is a new tool I recently stumbled across but I like the looks of it. Very clean and customizable forms similar to Bloom. Like SumoMe, Mailmunch offers a free version if you are okay with their logo appearing beneath your form. Mailmunch also does not rely on WordPress so can be integrated with any website. If you prefer premium features & premium themes, costs start at $6.30/month when paid annually. Mailmunch integrates with popular service providers such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Aweber, & more.


4. Popup Pro By WPMU Dev

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I’m always a big WPMU Dev fan so I typically use a lot of their premium plugins. First, let me say that the Popup Pro plugin is not exactly a typical newsletter sign-up form. It’s not going to come with automatic integrations to Mailchimp, Constant Contact, etc.. Rather, it’s a customizable popup that can accommodate full HTML code, CSS, etc.. I use the Popup Pro plugin when creating e-books. The popup promotes the e-book and then the users are sent to a secondary page where they sign-up for the newsletter to download the e-book. It creates more of a process but at the same time it allows for greater customization. Popup Pro by WPMU Dev also has various trigger timing settings to enable the popup at just the right time.


Overall, a quality newsletter campaign should be in play on any website. It’s a great marketing tool and with platforms like the above, there’s no excuse why you can’t have a great campaign setup within thirty minutes or less.


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