Populated Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Select With BuddyPress Groups

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Populated Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Select With BuddyPress Groups

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve recently taken on a project that works heavily with BuddyPress. While I have a little bit of past experience with BuddyPress, it’s a bit of a learning game. Of course I’m leveraging one of my favorite plugins, Advanced Custom Fields whenever possible. Today, we’re going to look at a function I wrote to populate an ACF select fields based on BuddyPress groups the user is apart of. Here is the snippet in its entirety:

function acf_load_bp_groups( $field ) {
  // Reset choices
  $field['choices'] = array();
  $user_id = get_current_user_id();
  $groups = array();
  if ( bp_has_groups('user_id=' . $user_id) ) :
	while ( bp_groups() ) : bp_the_group(); 
	$groups[] = bp_get_group_name() . '_' . bp_get_group_id();
  // Populate choices
  foreach( $groups as $group ) {
	  $groupvalues = explode('_', $group);
    $field['choices'][ $groupvalues[1] ] = $groupvalues[0];
  // Return choices
  return $field;
// Populate select field using filter
add_filter('acf/load_field/name=your_field_name', 'acf_load_bp_groups');

Additional parameters could be placed within the BuddyPress query groups line if needed. Hope this helps somebody else in need!

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