Welcome 2017! Two Way Resume, Dock Skipper, Bold City + WP Cover

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Cabe Nolan is the founder of WP Cover where he shares his insight into WordPress, development, & entrepreneurship. Outside of WPCover, Cabe continues to run a successful WordPress development firm, Bold City Design as well as a few high profile websites, Arrivala, Two Way Resume, Dock Skipper, and a successful outdoors brand, DolfinPack.

Welcome 2017! Two Way Resume, Dock Skipper, Bold City + WP Cover

Welcome to 2017 everybody!

Exciting year to come.  The end of 2016 is always a time for reflection and goal setting before the New Year kicks in.  This last December, I was fortunate enough to have the availability to take a quick vacation and focus on what’s happened and exciting thing to come.  With so many aspects of my life pulling me different directions, it’s nice to put a pen to paper and understand where you want to go.  So let’s take a look at some notes:

Two Way Resume

I cannot be more excited about what is in store for Two Way Resume in 2017.  A lot of work has been put into the platform over the last couple months and the it’s about to begin to take effect.  A completely re-designed dashboard has already been released and we just pushed a new frontend site live at https://twowayresume.com.  The website has become completely multilingual with these new releases.  We’re still waiting on our awesome translators to finish up their end of the work but we expect to launch in five additional languages over the next month.  Expect some posts on WP Cover about my first jump into custom multilingual development.

Outside of these early year releases, we have some exciting marketing tactics planned and new end user theme additions in 2017.

Dock Skipper

Poised for success in 2017, Dock Skipper is expected to grow due to increased demand for peer-to-peer dock sharing.  We have exciting partnership opportunities as well as new features planned for 2017.  Also in the works for 2017 is an insurance provider we hope to have insuring every booking made on the platform.

Bold City

Sister sites Bold City Design & Bold City Agency continue to grow and expand year-after-year.  Our development expertise continues to expand and is becoming second to none in Florida.  Experience with CMS systems & e-commerce continue to be our strong points and we’re excited to bring on some new brands in 2017.  Additional marketing services will be a priority for both of these companies in 2017 as we expand our product offerings further outside development.

WP Cover

As always, I plan to keep you all up to date via the WP Cover website.  Stay tuned for new development code snippets, tutorials, and general entrepreneurship posts.  This is going to be an exciting year and I am happy to have all of you on this ride with me!

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