Our Plans Are Great, But Our Customer Service Is Immaculate

Don't get us wrong, we built some pretty bad to the bone plans. Packed with more features than you'll find in a new high class automobile. But what really sets us apart is our committment to our clients. We earn it every month, and we'll prove it time and time again.

Core Features

Included in every plan we offer is a distinct set of core features that ensure your site stays secure, maintained, and up todate.

The Popular Plan Additionally Includes

The Master Plan Additionally Includes

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Unlock Your WordPress Team


WordPress is the most highly used CMS system on the planet! Needless to say, it's awesome. Unfortunately, what goes along with being popular, is also being the most popular CMS to get hacked. Don't let it happen to you.

Approx. # Websites Using WordPress


Average WordPress Developer Rate

$50 / Hour

WP Cover Packages Starting At

$79 / Month

Did we mention we can't wait to work with you?

We don't want to brag but let's just put this out there, "We Are The Best"!

Setup Process

You may need work done now. And by now we mean like yesterday. Actually it was probably sometime last week when you first realized it. So what's the process for getting setup? Simple four steps to secure & deploy our services.


Complete the instant sign-up process on our website, secure payments will be taken via Stripe.

We Secure

Once payment has been approved, we'll go to work analyzing, scanning and securing your website.

You Submit

You submit your questions, minor website fixes, or general consulting questions.

We Work

We get to work. First getting to understand you as a client, and than taking on your questions.

24x7 Monitoring

We don't just promise it, we live by it. WordPress & your site monitored 24x7x365. Furthermore if you ever have a question that pertains to WordPress, guess who's here to answer it? Your personal WordPress concierge service of course. What would you do if you didn't have to worry about your website? Go ahead dream on, it's about to become a reality!

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Dream of the Moment

I wish I was on a boat, in the Caribbean with a cold beverage in hand. With the absolute last thing on my mind being the security of my website.



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