Trello: Your Office Is Now A Giant Whiteboard

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Trello: Your Office Is Now A Giant Whiteboard


Have you ever envisioned an office where all the walls were a giant whiteboard? How awesome would it be to organize your work, make to do lists, share with your co-workers, and so much more?

Enter into the room Trello, the free project and task management system that follows the K.I.S.S. acronym (keep it simple, stupid).

In short, a single Trello board is a list of lists filled with individual tasks used by you and even shared with an entire team. Within each of those lists are to do tasks, each task can be assigned to specific users, can be commented on, attachments can be uploaded, checklists can be added, and due dates can be assigned to name a few features.trello2

When a specific task needs to be moved from one list (your to do list) to another list (your done list) you simply drag and drop the task using your mouse. It’s simple to use, easy to understand and gets the job done beautifully with managing tasks.

Have more than one project going on, or would you like your own board outside of your businesses? No problem, Trello makes privacy simple to use and configure. Create as many boards as you like, allow them to be viewed by the public, your company, or keep them completely private. All of these options are built into Trello’s super friendly user interface.

And when you finally leave the office, take your whiteboard room with you using Trello’s collection of free apps for iPhone & Android.

Trello does offer a Business Class service as well, but to be honest I have not used it or researched it to the extent necessary to provide much info in this article. I know it does include some robust features such as Google Apps Integration, the ability to deactivate users from a board without removing their data history, and other Super Admin type of roles that are not included in the free version.


How We Use It

I havetrello3 been using Trello since early 2013 and it has changed the way I work.   Yes, I also use other project management systems such as Basecamp, Redbooth, Asana and others and I plan to share my experiences with those over the coming months. However, I have found that Trello is the most convenient for managing my personal (and small group) day-to-day tasks. For larger businesses or larger collaboration groups, Trello may not be the best fit as I have found that when data begins to build up in the lists, it can become overwhelming and a little disheartening.

Overall, Trello has done wonders for me in clearing off my desk of all those little white pieces of paper with chicken scratch to-do lists. It has me more organized than ever, and ready to take on the day. Give it a try, it’s free after all!



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